Welcome to Kasumbi

We offer fresh premium quality indigenous poultry that has been processed and packaged in strict quality control standards. We currently distribute freshly packed organic village chickens in Lusaka.

Our Products

Premium Quality Products

We are committed to processing and packaging our products under strict quality control to maintain freshness.

Proudly Zambian

All our poultry is indigenous to Zambia, our birds are bred and grown locally in Zambian villages by Kasumbi out-grower farmers.

Community Empowerment

Our business model enables us to create positive social impact in all our active communities. We help sustain and improve rural livelihoods.

Customer Support

Our customer policy is focused on satisfying the needs of our customer. We ensure to deliver a fresh, organic village chicken at an affordable price.

Our Story

Kasumbi is an agro-processing enterprise that was esbalished in the year 2013 with the aim of linking rural poultry producers and urban customers. We simply produce our own poultry, add value to them through processing, packaging and finally distribute the products to our customers.We distribute through retail outlets in Chilenje as well as through deliveries if you buy 8 chickens or more.

  • Fresh 99%
  • Delicious 80%
  • Organic and Fat Free 70%
  • Customer Happiness 99%